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Lawn Care Baton Rouge

We are happy to welcome you to our growing family of happy and satisfied customers in Baton Rouge!

We are here to answer your questions ‘Is there any cheap lawn service near me?’ or ‘How to find lawn care companies near me?’ The answer is that Lawn Care Baton Rouge is here to provide exceptional customer care and the necessary lawn treatment service.

About Lawn Care Baton Rouge

We are a locally owned and operated lawn care service Baton Rouge. We have been serving the local businesses and homeowners of this city for a couple of years. For this reason, our team has been confident in helping our clients resolve various concerns regarding lawn care.

As one of the most recommended lawn care companies in the area, our job is to maintain or improve the physical features of your landscape. We know that it requires expertise, time and somehow, money to come up with healthy growth of lawn. Thus, the local residents contact us to give them professional help at a good price.

We handle all landscape and yard maintenance needs with expertise and skills. For several years, we have been rendering comprehensive landscaping and lawn mowing serving Baton Rouge La.

It is our mission to render professional lawn service for homes and businesses in Baton Rouge and its surrounding areas. We aim to focus on quality without compromising the price of each service. We make sure that we will deliver the best Baton Rouge lawn care. Our specialists are well-trained in accomplishing their respective roles in the company. Thus, we can assure you incredible lawn care services that are tailored to meet your needs.

Why Choose Us?

Set Ourselves Apart

We set ourselves apart from other lawn companies in many ways. First, we are committed to focusing on quality over quantity. We want our clients to be happy and satisfied with the final results of the projects. But wait, we have more facts to tell, keep reading!

Flexible Lawn Maintenance Service

We provide all essential yard maintenance Baton Rouge services that our clients may need. We do not just focus on the basic works. We serve both commercial and residential properties with various services such as lawn fertilization, grass cutting service and weed control Baton Rouge.

Prompt Response to Inquiries

Our flexible communication platform helps a lot in providing quick and accurate response to customer inquiries. We know how busy our clients are in their personal and business-related affiliations. We will be waiting for you to fill out our contact form or call us on our hotline numbers for inquiries or booking of appointments.

Latest Application of Technology

We are updated in the use of technology and high-quality equipment to accomplish our daily goals for each project. We work with passion and commitment regardless how simple or complex the project is. As long as we see you smile after showing the final result, we are inspired to do better in the next lawn care services Baton Rouge.

What To Expect

This company organizes and prepares everything prior to conducting the tasks to a commercial or residential property. Since we focus on quality over quantity, we make sure that the new members we welcome in the team are well-equipped with knowledge and experience. We train and inform them of the company’s sets of rules and policies for a safe and successful lawn treatment Baton Rouge.

Thanks to our repeat clients who have witnessed our dedication in fulfilling our jobs. Today, we are one of the most trusted lawn mowing companies in this city. In return, our polite professionals work harder to provide you with superior customer care.

baton rouge lawn care services

We have the customer support team who will take your phone calls and answer your queries or schedule an appointment for you. After collecting the necessary information from you, they will forward it to the admin to inform our talented lawn care specialists to conduct a survey in your area. This way, they can perform the necessary lawn service Baton Rouge.

Once you type the keyword ‘lawn care near me’ or ‘cheap lawn service near me’, you will find our name in the suggested list. Feel free to take a tour on our page to get to know more about us.

Our Services

Let us provide you with the list of common lawn mowing services we offer in this city and other cities around it. These tasks have become simple and easy for us since these have been our daily routine. Our customers from different areas request these projects to get professional help.

baton rouge lawn mowing

Lawn Mowing

Many yard maintenance services usually claim that they are the right choice for your lawn service Baton Rouge needs. Unfortunately, not all companies are the same. At Lawn Care Baton Rouge, your landscape and lawn will never be left behind. We offer cheap lawn mowing to maintain the aesthetic value of your landscape.

baton rouge lawn edging


Now, we give you a good answer to your question ‘Is there any good lawn care service near me?’ We offer the basic lawn service but our specialists can also perform complex ones. We perform quality and efficient edging tasks for homes and business establishments. We will visit your place to check the area where edging will be completed.

baton rouge lawn aerating


When it comes to providing lawn aeration service, we make sure that you get what you deserve. Although it is a common type of lawn service Baton Rouge, our team will make it special after the final outcome.

Lawn aeration is the form of soil perforation process of smaller holes. The purpose is to obtain increased airflow and functional water drainage. Get a free estimate from us today.

baton rouge lawn thatching


Lawn dethatching is an important process to maintain the healthy growth of the grass and allow the roots, stems and leaves to breathe. Having too much thatch can trigger turf susceptibility to diseases or other problems. Let our experts resolve this concern as soon as possible by giving us a call.

baton rouge lawn fertilizing


We are proud and confident to say that we are one of the most trusted lawn fertilizer companies in this city. The main reason is that we use the safest quality of yard fertilizer in providing lawn maintenance Baton Rouge. We use comprehensive and environmentally-safe processes and tools. For more inquiries, do not hesitate to call us.

baton rouge lawn weeding and weed control

Weeding and Weed Control

The presence of weeds and pests in the lawn is indeed annoying. Well, that ends today once you call our customer care hotlines. Our innovative and safe products will keep those pests away and prevent weed overgrowth. We apply the right strategies in lawn weed control to transform your yard into a little paradise.

baton rouge yard cleanup

Yard Cleanup

You would have probably been wondering ‘is there a yard service near me that can provide a prompt and affordable rate?’ Yes, there is and that is the specialists of Lawn Care Baton Rouge. One of the reasons why we have survived the tough competition in Baton Rouge lawn mowing is that we got the best deals for all services. If you need emergency yard clean up service, we are just one call away.

baton rouge lawn restoration

Lawn Restoration

We have prepared customized solutions for every business or home that may require lawn restoration service. We assure you that you will be happy with the results. We will never waste your time as our specialists in Baton Rouge lawn service accept your project. Allow us to take care of your lawn. Fill out our contact form to book an appointment.

Contact us today for a free lawn care quote!

About Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge is the second largest city in Louisiana after New Orleans and it has 216, 701 population as of 2020. This city is known for creating interesting prospects for its locals and tourists. It offers competitive jobs in the health care and engineering industries.

Since it has been continually preparing for population growth, construction becomes rampant in other parts of Baton Rouge. It is a perfect place for work and family life. The food industry does not disappoint as well as the career opportunities and entertainment people will find here.

Here are some of the closest cities surrounding Baton Rouge:

  • Zachary LA
  • Thibodaux LA
  • Baker LA
  • Merrydale LA
  • Denham Springs LA
  • Many other surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Get Rid of Lawn Problems?

The right thing to do to address different lawn problems is to keep the lawn watered and mow it properly. If you still experience some problems, please contact us for survey. Do not wait until such damage gets too serious.

Should it be dethatching or aeration?

Dethatching is essential when the lawn contains a lot of dried and brown grass or it has matted down. It does not have to be done annually. On the other hand, aeration is usually done annually and it can be an additional service to maintain the healthy condition of your lawn.

Is it better to blow my clippings on the grass or just collect them?

Our experts suggest that blowing the grass clippings into your lawn is much better as they bring back the nutrients to the soil once they decompose.

How often do I need to water my lawn during dry season?

Your lawn needs an inch of rain every week. This means that if it is dry or drought season, make your to water your lawn every five days for one hour. If you have more questions about lawn mowing in Baton Rouge, please call us.

Customer Testimonials

After many attempts of searching for a good lawn mowing service near me, I finally found this company. Here, I met the best deals for lawn care Baton Rouge. I am so happy with the price rate. This is the cheap lawn service near me that never disappoints.

Paul E.

This provider of lawn maintenance near me has the most polite customer care assistants. They know their job very well and they respond to my calls promptly.

Jayne C.

I have known some lawn companies near me, but I only trusted Lawn Care Baton Rouge. It is primarily because of the impressive quality of Baton Rouge lawn care services.

Thomas W.

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Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer care representatives. Simply give us a call or fill out our contact form with your full name, address, phone number and type of service. We promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

Do not wait until your lawn shows signs of diseases or unhealthy growth. Call us right away for Baton Rouge lawn mowing or other related services.

Lawn Care Baton Rouge

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